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Bird watching and photographing
tours ( 7-14days)

Mongolia is located in the central part of East Asia and has an area of 1.56 million km2.  The country’s geographic location results in a strong continental climate and uneven distribution of precipitation, both of which result in diverse habitat types. From north to south, a relatively cold and humid climate gradually becomes warmer and drier, resulting in consecutive transpositions of three main vegetation zones; namely the taiga, steppe, and desert, with well-developed transition zones of habitat types in between.

The country is located at the junction of three migratory flyways.

Willow ptarmigan Lagopus lagopus Цагаан ахууна_edited.jpg

Bird watching in winter

Winter bird watching tour whilst visiting some spectacular landscapes of Mongolia, one of the very few true wilderness areas of the world. Imagine experiencing genuine winter of continental Asia covered by snow layer meanwhile enjoying the fascinating world of eastern palearctic fauna on this winter tour. 

Hodgson's bushchat Saxicola insignis Male.jpg

Bird watching in spring

There are over 500 registered bird species in Mongolia and more than 80 percent of them are migratory. The country is located at the junction of three migratory flyways. Therefore, our country is one of the most important  bird observing areas for migratory birds.

Black-billed capercaillie Tetrao parvirostris male.jpg

Black-billed Capercaillie tour

Black-billed Capercaillie is a large bird, inhabitant of northern forests of Mongolia, Russian Taiga and north China. During the breeding season (mid-April to May) the males display in the early morning, coming from their resting trees.

Custom your tour

  1. You have specific targets you are after, and want to spend extra time looking for them at the expense of common and widespread species.

  2. You have a specific group of people you enjoy traveling with (e.g. family, friends, bird clubs). For large enough groups, custom tours can cost the same or even less per person than a set-departure tour.

We have experience to organize various of wildlife tour. Please contact us for detailed information.

Landscape and mobile camp view

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