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We are exited to announce you an adventurous snow leopard watching and photographing  tour whilst visiting some spectacular landscape of Mongolia, one of the very few true wilderness area of the world.

Snow Leopard watching and photographing tour (7-10 days)

Snow leopards inhabit a large geographic range and are widespread but distribution is spotted throughout the high mountain ranges of Central Asia. This includes the entire Himalayan mountain system as well as areas in Bhutan, Nepal, China, Mongolia and Russia. Steep, rocky and broken terrain are the preferred bedding areas for the cat, specially on or near by land from edge close to natural vegetation. In summer they live generally at altitudes 3000 and 4500 meters. In winter they may migrate to lower elevations of 900 meters, following their preferred prey.   

Our time will be focused on both birding and mammal watching with a strong focus on trying to watch Snow leopard. The best season for watching the mountain ghost is cold seasons in lower elevation. Also, while we are observing the cat in mating season, we can hear cat calls for breeding and the other cat responds in the high mountains.

Extension ideas

Pallas's cat Otocolobus manul.jpg

Pallas's cat extension

Three or five days Eastern Mongolian extension focuses on the Pallas's cat in our research camp in Sukhbaatar Province, as well as providing outstanding opportunities to see some birds and mammals in the flat steppe.

Common snipe Gallinago gallinago.jpg

Bird-watching extension

One or two days bird watching extension focuses on the water and shore birds in big lakes near camp, as well as providing outstanding opportunities to watch Passeriformes near plantation.


Eagle festival extension

Two days Eagle Festival extension focuses on the eagle hunters ability in Bayan-Ulgii Province, as well as providing outstanding opportunities to watch Khazah people traditional custom and amazing landscape.

Custom your tour

  1. You have specific targets you are after, and want to spend extra time looking for them at the expense of common and widespread species.

  2. You have a specific group of people you enjoy traveling with (e.g. family, friends, bird clubs). For large enough groups, custom tours can cost the same or even less per person than a set-departure tour.

We have experience to organize various of wildlife tour. Please contact us for detailed information.

Main landscapes and camp views

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