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Steppe Wildlife Tour

Main tours of Steppe Wildlife Tour


Pallas's cat tour

Steppe Wildlife tour offers one week small group trip focuses on the fascinating life of Pallas's cat (manul) in the Eastern Mongolia, as well as providing outstanding opportunities to see wildlife in Mongolia.


Snow leopard tour

10-14 days of trip focuses on the elusive life of the snow leopard in Western Mongolia, as well as providing chance to see mountain mammals birds and additionally water birds in a lake

One of our funding source for conservation and research is wildlife watching and photographing tours. If it sound like a good match, please get in touch with us!


Who we are

Steppe Wildlife Conservation & Research Center is an NGO dedicated to the conservation of local wildlife, especially the Pallas’s cat, snow leopard and the steppe eagle. Our programs are meticulously designed to conserve the steppe ecosystem through the collaboration with local communities. We focus primarily on building local stewardship through community-based tourism, education, and research in Eastern and Western Mongolia.

We have over 12 years of experience in the eco-tourism field. Our guides are all zoologists and professional photographers. 

Pallas’s cats on the Mongolian Steppe in Frozen Planet II by BBC

By Sarah Titcombe, assistant producer for Frozen Planet II

Latest News


Snow leopard tour

Western Mongolia

January of 2023


cover of vertebrates Sukhbaatar.jpg

New book


March, 2021



Pallas's cat documentary

Eastern Mongolia

11/13-12/8, 2021




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